Our Story

Duavata Honey is all about bringing you high quality, sustainable, and natural Manuka Honey product right at your home. We strive to provide you with pure Manuka Honey taste and the premium products with the highest certifications and 100% transparency.  Our beekeepers have put a lot of love and care into creating your manuka honey so we can share a taste of New Zealand with you.

The journey to wellness.

Duavata Honeys’ journey is to provide wellness benefits from our products. We aim to do this by providing you with high-quality, sustainable, and natural Manuka Honey products right at your home. Manuka honey provides compelling wellness properties compared to regular honey.

From beekeepers to your jar.

Every Duavata Honey jar is carefully extracted from the beehives and harvested sustainably in  Lake Haupiri Region, the untamed natural wildness of West Coast, New Zealand. Our beekeepers make sure that the MGO standard of each manuka honey jar is not degraded, ensuring wellness properties are maintained. Across the world,  Duavata Honey is being used for oral, skin and wound care. 

MGO Tested and Certified

Manuka Honey was once considered heavenly food for the gods in the ancient days, prized for consumption and wellness source. Across civilisations and countries, It’s celebrated as heritage, mystique, and honour. Bees pollinate the manuka plant, which produces flowers for up to 6 weeks native to New Zealand and East Australia, to produce the Manuka honey we all love. This makes the monofloral quality of Duavata Manuka Honey incredibly rare.

Compared to regular honey, Manuka Honey has an elegant, earthly, hint of bitter distinct flavour. It’s also buttery and darker in look and texture. Manuka Honey is a highly sought product due to its wellness properties, which encouraged scientists to conduct countless researches on what makes this honey so much distinctive than others. And the answer is scientifically confirmed, no regular honey source has a special bioactive compound other than Manuka honey. In chemistry, the compound is specified as Methylglyoxal (MGO). The higher the levels of MGO non-peroxide activity, the better it is.

Manuka Honey MGO 263+

The Man behind Duavata Honey

Duavata Honey was founded by Benjamin Kumar in 2020, with the mission of providing natural antibacterial properties without having to rely on medicines that contain chemical substances.

 The Solution

What he found was all wellness properties in one jar: Duavata Manuka Honey was born. Natural, healthy and sustainable.
Benjamin knew that he had to share it with the rest of the world.

Bringing Duavata to your home.

To achieve our mission, we want to deliver our products to as many people as we can. Due to the limited supply of Manuka honey in the world, we are supplying Duavata Honey right at your home while giving back to the beekeepers in New Zealand who make Duavata Manuka Honey possible.

Taste a bit of New Zealand with Duavata Manuka Honey.